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Born in the late seventies, Joseph Nieves developed an interest in photography at a young age, while toying with his parent’s 35 mm Konica camera. He continued his photographic journey into the mid-nineties, when Black & White was prevalent and 35mm was the culture. Joseph focused on photography during his studies at Art & Design, located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. During this time, it became clear to him that Photography would become a life long passion. Joseph’s prior projects have consisted of Entertainment Head shots, Artistic Portraits, Sports and Urban Photography.

He created www.nievesphotography.com not only to illustrate his work, but also to capture and relish the moments we generally miss through the blink of an eye.  The moments when we tend to say “I wish I had my camera”.  He once said, “My style of Photography differs from other artists in the sense of CREATIVITY AND REALISM.”

The purpose of his work is to have everyday people such as you and I relate to the subject matter.  One of the reasons Joseph’s work is rewarding is due to the concept of REALISM.  “If I can make a person conjure negative/positive emotions from looking at a photo, then I have successfully conveyed my message.”

We live in an era of computer Graphics and Photographic stimulants which many of us are accustomed to applying. “You will find his work to be pure Photography.”

Joseph Nieves chose to maintain the essence of Photography by practicing the fundamentals in which he was taught at the beginning of his artistic career. I tell myself, “If there is no CREATIVITY or REALISM in my photo, it is just an ordinary photo”. Combining the two concepts, I truly hope you enjoy my work.